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Custom Shop Tube Tape Echo (CS-TTE) - Cosmetic Blem

$ 1,444.15 $ 1,999.00

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This item is now exclusively sold by us, right here. you will not find it in any stores!

FREE SHIPPING! (USA only) and very cheap shipping everywhere else in the world! 

We now allow a “3 day tryout” for you to decide if you’re happy with your purchase. If not, you may return the item for a full refund minus all shipping costs. All Returns for SSTE, TTE, ECF, or TERC incur a 15% Restock Fee, no exceptions.You must contact us via email within 3 days of the item being in your possession and we will facilitate the return.

current users include Tom Petty, Keith Richards, John Mayer, Ronnie Wood, Robert Plant, etc

NOTE: This is a cosmetic (only) blem of the current model TTE and comes with a full Warranty! There is absolutely nothing wrong with the sound or performance of this pedal, yet it may have a slight blemish. If this item shows as "SOLD OUT, please check back in a few days, email us, or buy a Non-Blem version here. 

We now allow 3 days (in your possession) to try out your Blem and you can return if not fully satisfied. Your refund will be minus all shipping costs.

Power Requirements: All Fulltone Tape Echoes can be easily & quickly switched internally for any country's wall voltage via the simple instructions in the manual

When we sell a "blem" you may not ever find the flaw...it could be a tiny nick in the tolex, it could be a discoloration somewhere, but it's only cosmetic, never mechanical and never detrimental to the sound! All cosmetic blems come with full factory warranty. We rarely get them, so grab it while you can.These are always the latest version, with the new & improved playback head mount, Roller mount, roller, and tape cart! With Full factory Warranty! 

Fulltone Tape echoes are the best sounding and feeling echo devices you will ever play through, and if you buy one I bet that you will own it for the rest of your life. It's not easy or cheap hand-building Tape Echoes in the USA, in California, none the less. It is an intense labor of love and a source of pride because honestly no one else can do it but me...or they would.

Go here to purchase replacement tape cartridges for your TTE.

The definitive How to Install a Tape Cart in a Fulltone TTE (4K hi-rez video) is live now on the Official Fulltone YouTube channel.

Which tape to use? 

We are getting a lot of questions about a new “lubricated tape” being made by a popular tape company.

This tape is strongly “not recommended” for use in Fulltone or Echoplex tape machines due to poor recording and poor erasure performance, and a very loud and constant sputtering noise present at all times due (in my opinion) to the lubricated coating being applied too thick to both sides of the tape, lifting the tape off the heads too far.

The tape we use has a lubricated material bonded to the backing that does not interfere with the audio quality.

Use Fulltone tape with your Fulltone tape machines.

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