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Fulltone Wah Pot

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Fulltone Wah Pots with Gear & Dust cover

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Warning:  Requires basic mechanical skills including soldering! We do not coach on installs nor are there any returns from damage due to improper install or adjustment

The Fulltone 100k Wah Pot (FWP-1) is the same pot used in our CLYDE Standard & CLYDE Deluxe pedals, and is an exact reproduction of vintage 60's and early 70's ICAR pot found in the wahs used by Clapton, Hendrix, Page, Schenker, etc.

The NEW Fulltone 200k Wah Pot (FWP-2) was born when I discovered that the pots in all of my favorite vintage 60s Vox wahs actually measured around 200k. Further research proved that many of these old ICAR pots varied in resistance and were up in the 200k range. Seems that they didnt bother to mark the pot with the correct resistance...or didn't want people to know:)

There are two components to a wah pot: The "resistance" (100k or 200k for example) and the "taper." Like the ICAR, both the FWP-1 and FWP-2 have a unique taper, making for a very quick transition at the mid-point, which is the source of that fast tremolo-like wah heard in parts of Burning of the Midnight Lamp and White Room, for example. It's safe to say I'm one of a couple of people who actually knows what they did back in the 60's to make the ICAR pot taper so special. I'll give you a hint: Nothing happens from 7 o'clock to 9 o'clock, and 3 o'clock to 6 o'clock. The Taper? I'm going to keep that a secret for another decade or so. The moral to this story is... if you're looking for a "linear sweep" then you don't want a vintage wah or a vintage ICAR style wah pot!

Additionally, I designed and tooled up a new 14-tooth gear replacing the old 15-tooth gear. (FWP-2 only) Not only is it much smoother, with no ragged edges or imperfections, but you gain a better gear ratio helping to access the full range of the pot with less treadle movement. The feel under your foot is much improved simply because the teeth are smoother and have a slightly rounded edge for less friction. These are the silly little things that i enjoy improving on.

Both the Fulltone FWP-1 and FWP-2 have a triple-screened Carbon Composition track and strong brass shaft with gear already installed, comes with a cool vinyl dust cover, and is a direct drop in replacement for most vintage-style wah wahs including Dunlop, Teese, Vox, etc.

NOTE: There is No Warranty and No Returns on wah pots due to the fact that most people don’t know how to install and adjust them properly, which usually results in damage to the pot. It is highly recommended that you watch and follow my video tutorial "installing wah pots".

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