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Custom Shop "That 80's Rack Chorus" (CS-TERC)

$ 3,995.00

Each one is hand-built here in Nashville,  and due to the current world situation please allow 1-21 days for build, test, and burn-in time before shipping. If you have any questions email us here

The Sound of Landau, Lukather, the 80's and NOW is the Limited Edition Fulltone Custom Shop T.E.R.C. (That 80's Rack Chorus)

I have procured enough N.O.S. Panasonic MN3007 Analog Bucket Brigade Delay chips to build a limited production run (total 3200 units)of Custom Shop "That 80's Rack Chorus" units. These are exact reproductions of the extremely rare and wonderful sounding rack-mount format Tri Stereo Chorus (TSC) effect sold during the 80's under the Dyno My Piano, Songbird, and Dytronics names. I own multiples of all three version and there are slight differences between them, but according to my ears (and verified by Michael Landau) the early Dyno My Piano is "The One" and, not surprisingly, the one I have chosen to recreate. Like the early Dyno MY Piano, mine has 11 x JRC4558 chips, and I chose the JRC4558 for the input chip as well, which is the same as the early units.

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